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In order to inspire young people's enthusiasm for sports and life through basketball training, the Federation of Women's Federations invited American legendary basketball coach and educator Ted Gustus and their groups to attend the exchange activities in China and arranged over one hundred students to be on the scene so that students can get in touch with them. The "masters" have zero-distance contact and the scene is quite lively. At the same time, the event also arranged a sharing session. Ted Gustus shared his basketball career experience and encouraged students to cultivate their interest from childhood, to be passionate about what they are interested in, and to continue to progress toward their goals.

Rolando Blackman


Rolando Blackman, only one of two players in Dallas Maverick’s history to have his number retired, is an official brand ambassador to this movement. This 4-time NBA All-Star, being inducted into the Grady High School Hall of Fame and having his number retired January, 29, 2019. He will be spearheading the reconnecting to High School Basketball Alumni.   His strong passion for the youth of America and his desire to give back and pave the way for the next brand ambassadors makes Rolando a prime leader in our organization.